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Date Night

Date Night

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"an enchanting scent of  incense jasmine, raspberry and lush rose petals"

This room spray is an enchanting scent of earthy jasmine, raspberry and rose petals expertly blended together. It immediately captivates the sense giving your space long-lasting memories.

Phthalate-Free, toxin-Free | High-Quality Fragrance Oils 

The Ritual

Always shake well before using and spray into the center of the room away from your face and eyes. Hold bottle 8 inches away from linen areas so the mist falls onto the surface. Not intended to be used as a body spray. Keep away from children and pets. 
Patch test in a conspicuous area to check for discoloration.


Can be used in a closet, room, car, cloth before wearing, washrooms, hallways

Ingredients List

Distilled Water, Polysorbate 20, Preservative, Fragrance 

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