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What's New???

I am happy to announce that I am adding two new products to my collection.  Reed Diffuser is a liquid air freshener in a narrow-necked bottle with long "sticks" inserted into the liquid to absorb scented liquid from the container and release fragrance into the surrounding air.  They come in four different scents and can last up to 3-4 months. Wall Plug-in Diffuser Wall Plug-in diffusers are also liquid air fresheners plugged into a socket to dispense the fragrance. They come in Scent Control Plugs and Regular Plugs available in 6 scents.

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The Six Dollar Candles

I created this limited edition as suggested by my all time customers. The limited edition candles collection includes all the fragrance/scents that didn't make it to the general collection. These scents were handpicked by customers using a polling chart.  They come in 4 oz tin and burn for about 20-22hours. Hurry and stock up as these gems would not be restocked once they are sold out.

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Things I've Learnt As A First Time Founder.

Flair Candles Co has been in business for one year and it has been a journey. I was reflecting on the past year and everything I've learned since starting this business. To me, being an entrepreneur is more than having a product or service being offered. Rather, it's a mindset that focuses on values, delivery, commitment, and purpose. It gives me the utmost pleasure knowing you put your trust in me to patronize and buy my product. To celebrate my one-year anniversary, I am offering free shipping on all products for the next two days. Use code "FLAIRISONE" at checkout. Kindly send an email to flaircandlesco@gmail.com with any questions you have  about any of the products. You can shop our line of handmade products here.   

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