Meet the Owner

My name is Dami, my love for candles motivated me into creating my own candle line. As a candle addict, I have patronized several candle stores trying out different scents.

I started out by buying candles according to the scent (i love strong but not overbearing scent) but along the line I realized I only wanted a candle that best describes my mood. Whether i'm coming in from a long day's work to relax or having friends and family over for the weekend. I have bought several candles but always end up feeling like something was missing.

Flair Candles Company was birthed out of this motivation hence why my goal is to have every candle I make soothe the mind and create unforgettable moments. I also wanted to create a unique scent you can't find anywhere on the market.

My candles use 100% natural soy wax, fragrance oils and premium wicks. It's very important to me that my candles produce a clean burn. The candles are paraffin and phthalate free, which means they are safe and eco-friendly. Also, all candles come in a 100% recyclable or reusable jar.

The word "Flair" means stylish and unique.

I remember my very first candle, it smelled so good and I knew instantly I needed to share it with my fellow candle lovers so I created my very mini first collection which sold out under 3days.


Kindly send an email to with any questions you have  about any of the products. You can shop our line of handmade products here

Join The VIP Club.

How Do I Sign Up

Sign up through the end of the month to enter the Candle Club. You’ll want to hurry tho, we’re only accepting a limited number of subscribers!

What comes in my subscription & how often do i get it?

Subscriptions are delivered once every 3 months, and contain two (2) exclusive candles + a surprise gift! Candle Club scents are limited run and will not be reproduced, next quarter you'll get a new exclusive set of smells. Shipping is free.

What are the cancellation policy?

Yes! No commitment, cancel anytime before your next shipment and you won’t be charged.

Can I update my billing information?

Of course! You can manage your billing details from your Flair Candles Accounts Page towards your next subscription box order!